Afro DressUp Festival 2017 Copehengen ( Denmark ) Central Street ! Nytorv !

Afro DressUp Festival

wear where you come from and with love we are all one people dancing to the same music.
The year went by 2016 when the Jahsigfamily Entertainment staged their first annual occassion on the very central city of Copenhagen (Denmark ). Afro DressUp Festival known to date gained it´s reputation across Denmark due to the crafts staged and the concept of the event.
Agatha Oduro, the Chief Exercutive Officer of the events and Entertainment company Jahsigfamily Entertainment expalined the festival as a way to open doors of love and unity all across the world, different colors one people, starting with Copenhagen, Afro DressUp Festival will dominate to other States in Europe and feather across the world by God´s grace, gracefully the concept started with Copenhagen and was successful.

This very year we exiperienced a different mega exposure of the Afro DressUp Festival 2017 staged right at the main pedestrain street
of central Copenhagen Spetember 20th to the 24th, five(5) days of music and dance, food, drinks and exhibitions of traditional and cultural artefacts, ornaments, colorful beads, fabric clothing and many more…

Afro DressUp Festival 2017 had great publicity and media attention with outlined radio interviews widening the potential and pespectives of the festival across beautiful Copenhagen.Amazingly it took us straight to the occassion before time until it went down to the day it all
came together at the central street of Copenhagen ( Denmark ).

Interestingly all days and nights entertained over thousands of audiences, one (1) exercutive speech,
Ninetheen (15) Musicians, Artists and Performers, one (1) MC, three (6) DJs, one(1) band, two (4) kitchen, two (2) exhibitions,
one (1) coffee stand, carlsberg bar stand.


Official Flyers, Afro DressUp 17.


Speech by Ghanaian based Denmark Politician, Afro DressUp 17.

Afro DressUp Festival invited dinified personal who contributed his time and voice to the occassion. Mr. Lartey Lawson, a Ghananian based Denmark Politician was the exercutive spokes person for Afro DressUp 17. Mr Lartey spoken about africa’s pride, the act of recognized unity and the world’s today togetherness to achieve greater success and goals. He endosed the Afro DressUp festival as a union factor of such  initiative.


Mr. and Mrs. Afro DressUp Captions, Afro DressUp 17.

Ladies and Gentlemen stood for the contest as Mr. and Mrs  occassion king or queen , Afro dressUp setup a general collaborations of Africans fabrics and brought together a fantastic contest 2016 called Mr. and Mrs. Afro DressUp and a queen was crowned. Year 2017 crowned a king and winner of the contest from Somalia. 2016 Queen DressUp hand over her crown to Mr. Afro DressUp 17 as the winner.


Socials Discussion Captures, Afro DressUp 17.



Visuals Footages, Afro DressUp 17.

Partners and Sponsors, Afro DressUp 17.

2017 Afro DressUp Festival was partnered and sponsored by the following dignitaries.





By famouzonline.jahsig


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