Brainna Jahsig, Ekor Official, Artwork
Brainna Jahsig… Ekor, Official…

Brainna Jahsig releases his second song in 2021, and this one is titled Ekor, this is a hit song because it’s been produced by two of the finest music producers of our music industry, Produced by Ronyturnmeup, mixed and mastered by KingsBeat.

This song was recorded at night, so that day it was me, my wife, and brother-in-law at the Black Avenue studio with Ronyturnmeup, it was a massive section as everyone contributed for us to come up with such a masterpiece, all thanks to God….. Brainna Jahsig told famouzonline .

“ Ekor “ is the new team meaning it going well or, all is well or you are doing well, the Ekor word can be related to any situation either good or bad.

So money in your pocket, Ekor, New girl, Ekor, Drinks up in the club, Ekor, new flex, new car, Ekor,

Download and dance your feet off, because you for happy yourself and watch nobody.

Ekor basaah Enjoy!!!

Brainna Jahsg… Ekor..Prod by Ronyturnmeup, Mixed and Mastered by KingsBeat. Brainna-Jahsig_EKOR_prod.-by-Ronyturnmeup_mix-and-master-by-Kings-Beat (350 downloads)

By: famouzonline.jahsig


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