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Official COVID-19 - Stay Safe by Brainna Jahsig Artwork.

Stay Safe became the world code of solution to disease yet not know of a cure nor treatment.

The world panicked with fear to either die or get infected, social connections were prohibited, handshake and hug were not to be exchanged amount, friends, family, and loved ones, the world was facing the worse pandemic known COVID-19.

Lockdowns all across the world’s possibility drained thoughts, asked questions that televisions couldn’t resolve, and at his best time Brainna Jahsig carried out the cries of the world’s fears and hopes into a beautiful song, “Stay Safe”.

Jahsigfamily Signee encouraged the StaySafe code, mentioned the deaths and losses inflicted by the crisis, then finally called it enough with a prayer to God to forgive our sins for the course of the corono virus 2019, cleanse us, and guide us into the righteous way.

Download Stay Safe and enjoy, remember Jah will see us through

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Brainna Jahsig… Stay Safe… Prod by JahsigSudios.

by: famouzonline.jahsig


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