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Use Me Lord, New song from a New Vibrant Gospel Artists, emerging from Turning point Chapel and she goes by the name Lady Pastor Nana Achiaa Asumadu-Boateng. A member of the Turning Point Chapel International, whose founder is Bishop Michael Owusu-Ansah.

I am married to Mr.David Asumadu-Boateng, a director of I.T at Ashesi University and CEO of Pweb Consulting Group. I am the CEO of Asustem Robotics Academy, the founder and President of the Evolution Prayer group, and a Host of Pisces of Life aside my ministerial works.

I am a vessel for the Lord and he has found me worthy to bring you this song. Anytime you hear this song, know God is speaking to you to make yourself available for his use. May God bless you and be determined to be a vessel of truth, of his spirit, and honor unto the most high she narrated in an interview with famouzonline.jahsig.

Use Me, Lord, as a vessel of truth, a vessel of your spirit defines a God of totality who in him all things are possible, lyrically manifests God’s power in her life surrendering to be used by God to reach out to the youth and the world her massager of the covenant that will change lives to salvation.


Lady Pastor - Nana Achiaa Asumadu-Boateng...Use Me Lord...Prod by KingShabo ( JahsigStudio ) (286 downloads)


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