Afro Dress Up Festival 2016 – Denmark



Artist Line Up: Afro Dress Up Festival 2016

Afro dress up festival simply means dressing up in African brand to display the culture to represent the Afro cultures background around the world. The Afro Dress Up will turn to be the sign of bring unity and to educate both the young and old about Afro Dress up Cultures. The Afro Dress up will also indicate the beauty of Afro styles in different fabrics, there will also be a display of Afro jewels, bags, shoes and all Afro brands in fabrics.

Afro dress up festival 2016 Gallery

The Afro Dress up Festival will be a great opportunity in exposing the hidden side of Afro Caribbean beauty, and love for one another. It will diverse rich musical and cultural heritage. The Featuring of this event will not bring only music and dance as intense but it will also introduce other new activities that will give more information about Denmark and African tradition. This event is in concept of different colors one people to promote Unity worldwide and to educate people about how the Afro people dress and the kind of culture we have during the old ages, the occasion will also educate people to learn the differences between Danish culture and other cultures, and to relate to the Afro people. It will also enable worldwide to learn about Denmark’s Activities going on in the Danish society and their history.
The festival is to let people understand the true culture, music, exhibitions and many more between Africans and Danish, in form of integration of Africans into the Danish Society and the world.

Afro Dress Up Festival 2016 Cultural Music and Dance

Upcoming Event

The Jahsigfamily Entertainment once again comfirms Afro Dress Up Festival 2017.

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