! Project ! Help Feed People, Coronavirus Crisis – Ghana, Afro Dress Up Foundation.

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Afro DressUp Foundation, a Jahsigfamily Entertainment initiative raised funds to embark on a feed people project about coronavirus crisis in west Africa ( Ghana ).

Project Help feed 200 people, coronavirus crisis in Ghana attended money contributions from Europe, Denmark.

4th April 2020, Saturday, her highness the prosperity queen Nana Hemaa Dwamenaa of Buoyem published her foundation’s agenda… click the link to read.

Nana hemaa Dwamenaa popularly known Agaqueen Jahsig validated these donations transparently on social media outlining the names of generous contributors toward her foundation’s project….click Afro DressUp Foundation for detailed reference via Facebook.

5th April 2020, Sunday, the project started, accounted for two regions in Ghana, Accra – Alhaji and Brong Ahafo, Buayem. Click

Contributors and Press Acknowledgement

God Bless the music Entertainment people and Family members in Denmark ?? who have Send in their Money ? today to help feed people in Ghana ?? here are some of the names of those who have contributed so far thanks for your support ??❤️❤️
Please we still gathering so help

Kim Thomsen
Kim Mother
Justin Swayzy
Saima Imra
Eva Sjøsletten
Natasha Kodua
Max Refsgaard Lucich
Otto Jarl
Brainna Jahsig
Nana Hemaa Adwoa Dwamenaa
John Aage John Aage Jensen
Lartey Lawson

Accra – Alhaji

by: famouzonline.jahsig

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