! Xenophobic ! Inspired Nana Dwamenaa 1.

Agatha Oduro ( Nana Adwoa Dwamenaa 1 )

Xenophobic attacks are demons inspired Agatha Oduro (Nana Adwoa Dwamenaa 1) Known on in the Music Industry as Agaqueen Jahsig.

“There is no justifiable reason for any body to kill a fellow man: no, there is none. Even in our African communities, when an animal destroys your farm or anything you dare kill it if you are able to catch it.

You detain the animal if you don’t know the owner until the owner shows up looking for it then you talk issues out. This is the spirit of Africa; patience, love and harmony. We are our brothers keeper so why killing your brother because you think he is taking over your land.

If we couldn’t kill animals that were not ours for misbehaving, why then do we kill our fellow human beings for what can be talked out. It takes a godly man not to stain his soul and hands with blood.

Any activist to xenophobic attack is ungodly and a demon to be precise. I say this because it takes hatred to kill and love to save. Hatred is devilish as love is godly. I strongly stand against xenophobic attacks.”


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